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16 - 22 August 2020,

Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Eco-resort Izki

Registration fee

  • 450€
Total price (accommodation, food and registration fee) starts from 633 € depend on dates of payment of organizational fee and amount of days International Playback Camp (c) is a non-profit project, involving no financial gain for its organizers. All financial and organizational relationships are built on the basis of openness and mutual trust

Flight and transfer

Flight: Participants are responsible for organizing their own flights. The nearest airport - Lviv, Ukraine. (participants usually are coming the day before - 15 August). You are also welcome to come earlier and stay more after the camp.

Transfer: We can help with the transfer to the hotel if you send us your flight details.

Accomodation and Food

Single - 34 Euro (room + breakfast) + 15 Euro (lunch + dinner)
Double and Triple per person - 19 Euro (room + breakfast) + 15 Euro (lunch + dinner)

Breakfast and local tax included

*Food: In order to save time between workshop and save money we pre-oder food. Costs per day 15 EUR for the lunch and dinner together.

Cancellation participation after payment

3 month before the Gathering starts we will refund you 90%
2 month before - 50%
After 2 month the payment is non-refundable

Contact us for any questions

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