Organizing team

Anastasya Vorobyova
Founder of the Camp

It’s like a small world, creating who you fall in love with everyone who lives there … What we are creating together there very much about love to the world and to each other, not by stereotypes and social framework. By creating tools out there, we bring into the world beautiful experience and are ready to change it into love.

Yana Khanova
Questions regarding accomodation&Venue

Camp for me - it is an opportunity to meeting with my people. With those who talking with each other, with the world by Playback language. We are the one team! Doesn't matter which gender, age, nation, religios and other things we have. We can hear, see and feel the world through the prism of the stories. "Let's Watch!"

Olga Sanachina
Questions regarding the agenda

It is a place of joy, co-creation and love for the life! Bright colors, emotions, events! Variety of meetings with each other and with others! A lot of Playback Theater energy and surprises!

Nina Garbuzova
Questions regarding transfers and sugestions regarding Camp

It is a space for me where is no place for masks. There's impossible to resist falling in love with the world and every heart there. You can seen how step-by-step ususal everyday life thoughts go away from you with all expectations - and the wires become honest feelings, freedom and muse start to guiding you!

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