Advanced Skills International Intensive
May 1-5, 2025
Theater Residence Izmir, Türkiye
475 eu till 1st of October
Act of Courage at the Playback Theater
Essence. Body. Rituals. Depth. Aesthetics.
With Anastasia Vorobyeva (President of IPTN, accredited trainer, artist)
and Olga Sanachina (Accredited trainer, artist and drama therapist).
May 1-5, 2025
25 participants from around the world.

Theater Residence Izmir, Türkiye

Early Bird 475 eu till 1st of October
545 eu till 1st of February
625 eu after 1st of February

Accommodation and food for 1-5st of May:

- 4 people in a room plus food 3 times a day 220 EU
- Double Room plus food 3 times a day 260 EU
- Single is available as well
Stage is a sacred space
It gives a lot of power to actors.
Story is a sacred spring. It has a lot in its meaning.
Connection with others is a sacred process. It can born a lot.
Our body and soul are sacred gifts. They can express a lot.

We invite you to come to a special place in mountains of Turkie and explore new opportunities of your presence on stage, your connection with stories, your connection with others and discover new keys for you playback service.

Our days we should be brave and wise at the same time. We have find right balance how to make our act of service of stage.
What we are going to do during the retreat:
⁃ Work with time and timing
⁃ “Stretch” our body expression
⁃ Experience with performance art tool which are useful for playback theater
⁃ Train our muscles to go out of your box
⁃ Develop deep connection with other and explore it
Theater Residence: