International Playback Theater Camp

 It's like falling into a rabbit hole: first you fly with a whistling in your ears, faces and events pass by, and then the Wonders begin.

In fact, it's a week of living in another country in a unique environment: creative people from different parts of the globe come together to exchange experience and create something new together. Every day offers workshops from the best trainers, who will share their vast store of playback knowledge with you.

Our Camp intelligently combines hours of intensive training with rest, games, the sea, and delicious dinners. All of this contributes to boosting your professional skills: the learning potential of what one can do with their body, voice, and partners on stage; how to build interaction; how to go deeper and draw ideas from the limitless source of inspiration within each of us- and much more.

You’ll remember Playback Camp forever and it will absolutely change your life... it will transform you completely and, in return, the development of amazing new features. You will see.

It’s a field where we can meet and create open dialogue and a microcosm of the world we live in.
A multicultural and intersectional crossroad of the Global Playback Theater community.
Together, we can grow in our interconnection and examine our hearts for who we really are... to connect our values with what we do and co-create.
Meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds is an enriching experience and a chance for us to grow. From knowing comes care and from care comes change.
Being together- to exchange within our global community- is the most powerful place for us to be. Anastasia Vorobyeva
Founder of the annual project: International Playback Theatre Camp

Organizational information


Carpathian Mountains,
(the nearest airport is Lviv)

How much?

(registration fee)


16 – 22 August 2021

Reservation can be done by using a deposit of 20 euros, which will be returned in case the camp does not take place. The decision will be made on 05/15/2021

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Registration fee

Accommodation, food and flight are paid separately - more info

International Playback Camp (c) is a non-profit project, involving no financial gain for its organizers. All financial and organizational relationships are built on the basis of openness and mutual trust.

415€ up to 01.06.2021
450 € up to 01.07.2021
550 € up to01.08.2021

Total price (accommodation, food and registration fee) starts from 633 € depend on dates of payment of organizational fee and amount of days.

Flight and transfer

Flight: Participants are responsible for organizing their own flights. The nearest airport - Lviv, Ukraine. (participants usually are coming the day before - 15 August). You are also welcome to come earlier and stay more after the camp.

Transfer: We can help with the transfer to the hotel if you send us your flight details.

Accomodation and Food

Single - 34 Euro (room + breakfast) + 15 Euro (lunch + dinner)
Double and Triple per person - 19 Euro (room + breakfast) + 15 Euro (lunch + dinner)

Breakfast and local tax included

*Food: In order to save time between workshop and save money we pre-oder food. Costs per day 15 EUR for the lunch and dinner together.

Cancellation participation after payment

3 month before the Gathering starts we will refund you 90%
2 month before - 50%
After 2 month the payment is non-refundable

What awaits you:

hours of practice

in big and small groups: new, interesting, effective exercises and
warm-ups, author’s playback forms, fun games and creative evenings;

training from the masters of their crafts

international coaches from the center of
Jonathan Fox;

colleagues from different cities, countries, theaters and groups

round tables and exchange of experience

new opportunities

and projects that are very often arisen at our camp;

a certificate signed by the trainers,

with the number of hours (which, by the way, is counted in the training account, if you have not yet been certified).

And now the details

International Playback Camp exists since 2012 and has already managed to stick flags on the map of the world in Crimea, Silver Lake (Serbia), Dyuni (Bulgaria) and Nesvizh Castle (Belarus). In the summer of 2021 (from the 16th to the 22th of August) the 9th annual camp will be held - this time in Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine.

The creator and inspirer of the International Playback Camp is Anastasia Vorobyova.

Every year our Camp becomes more and more international. Now participants from more than 17 countries coming every year.

The main goal of this event is to improve the qualification of playback actors from all over the world and to unite the world community, namely the creation of an especial atmosphere where people support and accept each other. It is a mix of cultures and nationalities, a chorus of dozens different languages, where every person will be heard thanks to an open dialogue and open hearts.

Camp has a certain theme around which the work is built - for example, the Camp 2018 was devoted to the topic "Being connected", and there were touched upon such important aspects as "Society and I", a sense of belonging and loneliness, etc.

Theme of the Camp 2021 in progress. We are choosing a theme every year based on what is essential to explore now for our global playback community.

Workshops are conducted in English.

A few words about the schedule: you will have 2 workshops (of 3 hours each) per day with breaks for food and a plunge into a pool, and in the evening creative activity will take place.

During the Camp you will have 1 day off, when you can go on an excursion or release your inner seal and spend a relaxing day at the picturesque meadows and hills. To fix the effect of trainings, there will be 1 performance from the coaches, one performance-jam for everybody with a topic chosen by the participants themselves, and the final overall big performance at the end of the Camp. All week long you will sweat and cry; laugh and run on the ceiling; cuddle with people and enjoy moments of solitude; sleep like a log, and not close your eyes until dawn; grow as an actor and a person.

Camp is a parallel universe where the atmosphere of goodness and magic reigns. Here holes in the universe and cracks in the heart are patched, friends are found and even families are created. And here you can drink wine in a very good company, watching the setting sun that sinks behind mountains.

Are you still not with us?

During the existence of International Playback Theater Camp (8 years)

Cupid released arrows
New intercultural projects grew up

Trainers team 2021 is forming

Karin was educated in psychology and Playback Theatre in Zurich, London and New York.
Karin has been professionally employed with Playback Theatre for twenty years as a teacher, actress, conductor, and leader of the group Playback Theatre Zurich. She specialized in Physical Improvisation with Ruth Zaporah in the Theatre of Movement, her other passion is to find ways to express the essence of history through body and teamwork.
Certified trainer of Playback theater.

Shirly Legum - actress of playback-theater troupe by Appel Aviva Rosenthal «Play-Life» (Israel). She is also a professional actress of classical theater, and coach playback-theater. Education is a dance movement therapist, certified group therapist, has a degree in drama at the University Berkeley. For several years she worked as a choreographer and director of "New Israel Opera House," toured the world. In the summer of 2012 she graduated from the program Leadership (Playback Centre, NY) coach Jonathan Fox, Aviva Appel Rosenthal, Veronica Nida. Has extensive experience of playing performances for communities traumatized in Israel.

Anastasya Founder of the International Playback Theatre Camp
She was educated in Playback Theatre like certified trainer of CPT.
She is doing Theatre Social projects in Contemporrary Theatre and Playback theatre around the world (Europe, UK, Bangladesh, Lebanon and so on)
Also working with Trauma throught Theatre and ART therapy (project with Syrian refugees)
She is the performance artist and social activist for human rights.
Anastasya can light up everything she starts to do!
"When we doing things with joy we can feel the river moving in us..."

Playback-actor practices, accredited trainer of Playback theater (Playback Center New York). She is one of the founders one of the first playback theater in Russia – «New Jazz», psychodramatist.
Olga is a founder of a lot of projects in the area of Improvisational and Movement theatre. Co-founder of Project “Vozdukh” based on physical and body improvisation.
She studied Directing in Poland Theatre in Moscow.
She teaches playback in different cites of Russia, Europe and so on and play active role in popularization playback theatre in Russia.

Accredited Playback Theater Trainer (New York, CPT), Head of the Board of the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater, psychologist, business coach, performer, host of trainings and performative practices in Ukraine, China, Slovenia, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova , Israel. Founder of the Dnieper Playback Theater "Neighbors", member of the international group "TAM", co-founder of the "Ethnodrive" movement and the "Syayvo" festival. Anthropologist, researcher of universal human myths in the performative space.

He is a musician and conductor from Jaffa, Israel. He has 24 years of experience in Playback Theater. Marat leads 3 Playback Theater groups in Israel: a group for the visually impaired in Tel Aviv, a group for immigrants, and in collaboration with Shirley Legum "Dance Story".
Together with his wife, Nina Garbuzova, he performs and trains throughout Israel and abroad (South Korea, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, etc.).
Marat professionally plays the violin, piano, synthesizers, guitar, and percussion.

Germany/Spain, Playbacktheater Trainer (APTT N.Y.), Psychodrama Leader (DFP), Supervisor (M.A., DGSv), Theater Pedagogue, Founder of "Blickwechsel - Playbacktheater Freiburg”, deeply convinced of the magical potential of PT for social change processes and joy of life

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